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What is Safina?

Simon Centorbi
Derek Centorbi

Safina is not just a name but also a story, working out of his grandfather's cabinet shop in St. Charles, Missouri over three decades ago, Derek Centorbi got introduced to what would later become his passion. He developed true craftsmanship and attention to detail that was inconceivable by competitors. Since then, Derek has built Centorbi Cabinetry into something miraculous and appealing for all homeowners. 


We here at Centorbi Cabinetry are proud to present our new line called Safina Fine Cabinetry. The name Safina is the original interpretation of Centorbi but was changed when Derek's great grandfather moved from Italy to American over a century ago. Now, we plan to bring back the Italian inspiration and embed it into American manufacturing with our custom cabinets.

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