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why safina?


about our cabinets

At Safina, we believe that excellence starts with a standard cabinet and evolves into something extraordinary. Our cabinets are crafted with pure artistry and precision, inspected meticulously at every stage of the building process to ensure consistency and excellence. We offer a wide array of cabinet options and solutions tailored to your everyday needs, whether it's organizing your silverware and dishes or creating a custom cubby that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Experience the Safina difference—where craftsmanship meets functionality, and every detail is designed to enhance your living space.


our approach

what sets us apart


base cabinets

Each base cabinet is equipped with high-quality leveling feet to maintain consistent reveals throughout your entire home. Typically, a cabinet will have one of two things, doors or drawers. Our drawer cabinets are created with top notch slides ensuring smooth and easy access each time you open it. Each door cabinets are crafted with hinges that allow for maximum adjustment ensuring that many years down the line they can still look brand new.


design solutions

There is two main types of design solutions we offer. In cabinet solutions are things you can add to the inside of your cabinets like drawer inserts or cutlery dividers. Whole cabinet options are things you can add that will transform the cabinet completely into something more useful for you like Lazy Susans



There is a vast selection of materials that you can choose from when designing your home with Safina Cabinetry. We have helped you decide by breaking them down into a few different categories. The categories are Acrylic (high gloss materials), Matte (scratch resistant, low reflective colors), Paint (thousands of different options which can be made to your liking), Stain (applying colors to real wood to make the grain still visible) and Pre-finished (wood that will not vary from the samples and is textured with the grain).


our team

At Safina Cabinetry, our differentiating factor lies within the caliber of our personnel. Each member of our esteemed team undergoes training focused on meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This steadfast dedication guarantees that every cabinet we produce is meticulously crafted with precision and maintained to the highest standards of consistency.

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